Wild about Life

On Friday, my cousin and I went on a birding adventure to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. Needless to say, it was extraordinary and words, and certainly the pictures, cannot do this place justice. However, here are some photos to give you a glimpse at some of the beauty.

(Unfortunately, my camera was only able to save 98 out of 144 pictures, so that stinks, but I’m thankful for the captured pieces I still have).

• • • • •

2003-09-26 04.35.33

2003-09-26 04.35.22

Cedar Waxwing:
These beautiful birds were some of the first to greet us upon our arrival. Their pale brown heads, soft grey bodies, and yellow bellies are some of their more prominent characteristics.

2003-09-26 05.09.53

Blue Dasher:
Super jazzed that I was able to capture this gorgeous dragonfly.

2003-09-26 05.10.09

Black-Capped Chickadee:
This little nugget perched for a few seconds before flitting away, but I still got him!

2003-09-26 05.15.142003-09-26 05.15.53

2003-09-26 05.15.52

Red-Bellied Woodpecker:
When I first spotted this bird, he was trying to peck a hole in the tree. It was fun watching him in action, not to mention when he scratches his head on the bark.

2003-09-26 05.19.30

2003-09-26 05.19.27

Blue Jay:
Curious & spastic.

2003-09-26 05.30.10

2003-09-26 05.30.13

Northern Cardinal:
Okay, so these might be one of my favorite birds. They are a brilliant red, have a mohawk that rivals any punk-rocker, and they are unbelievably photogenic.

2003-09-26 05.43.472003-09-26 05.11.362003-09-26 06.12.562003-09-26 06.13.052003-09-26 06.16.162003-09-26 06.16.182003-09-26 06.17.21

2003-09-26 06.17.22

Red-Winged Blackbird:
Woah, these guys have SO much personality and one of the most beautiful calls. My cousin and I spent a majority of the day just marveling at these fellas and their lack of fear in approaching humans. (Also, they love cheese crackers).

2003-09-26 05.57.40

2003-09-26 05.57.38

Tufted Titmouse:
A soft gray with light orange flanks, a bold mohawk and a cute black spot atop the bill. These guys are exquisite.

2003-09-26 06.23.51

I actually hate spiders, but I love their webs.

2003-09-26 06.26.37

Northern Leopard Frog:
He hopped away right after I took this.

2003-09-26 06.26.512003-09-26 06.26.56

2003-09-26 06.26.58

White-Breasted Nuthatch:
I was so close to getting one of these little guys to land on my hand. However, I don’t think they have a penchant for cheese crackers.

2003-09-26 04.48.08

Red Squirrel:
He loves his bread!

• • • • •

I hope you enjoyed this photographic journey! I’ll be sure to post more of my adventures soon! 🙂



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