Nameless Grove

In a nameless grove
Surrounded in a sea
Of green and gold
Two eyes steal
img_4477My gaze – observing.

I am but a restless
Traveler, wondering
Waiting, watching
In return, And I
See we are one
In the same,
Curious of the other’s
Existence, story, destination –

Crows continue their gaggle
And caw around us,
But I remain here
In silence until it’s
Time to take flight yet again,

To move on
And find a new destination.

• • • • •

The other day, my fiancé and I took a walk and saw this beautiful Barred Owl perched in the trees. He was being bothered by some crows, which is what originally drew our attention.

We believe that this Owl is Harold, the same Barred Owl who coos and barks in my backyard at all hours of the day, but that is still uncertain.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking on my part that there’s more than one in my neighborhood, and that they have a little family somewhere – nested up high and sweetly away from life’s turmoils and troubles.

As I stared at “Harold” and he stared back, I was left wondering what he was thinking. That’s why I wrote this poem to be read in either his or my perspective.

Maybe I’ll continue to see him in the nameless grove, where the time slows and the wind brushes past in gentle ripples of calm. If so, I hope that day comes soon.


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