Poetry Posts: Week 1

Welcome to the first installment of weekly poetry posts – I’ll be posting poems every Saturday (as best I can). Here are a few little guys I wrote last night. Enjoy 🙂


Flight Patterns
What does is look like to
Be as confident as
A Sparrow,
To never question the
Identity it’s
Been given?


If tiny acorns fall just
To rise again
Into mighty Oaks,
How much more
Can we
Do the same.


Nothing compares
To that simple
That comes from
Stepping on a


These days
It doesn’t take much
To make a river.
A High School marching band,
An Elementary School chorus concert,
A Patriotic song sung by a group of God-fearing women,
A little’s hug, the sweetest love story,
The faith of a generation,
An encouraging conversation,
A gap-toothed smile…
Of all these moments,
I am but a humble receiver,
And tears are the
Only response.


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