Showered in Surprise

On November 10th, I was convinced I was going to a baby shower, but come to find out, I was in for an unexpected surprise.

Leading up to the shower, I was complaining to Zac about how I wasn’t feeling well and that I wanted to stay home (lol – imagine?) But I got myself ready and tried to look nice since I was told we were going to Boston to hangout with Zac’s friends after the baby shower. (Apparently a night out in Boston is what it takes to make me wear makeup and do my hair).

Eventually Zac came and picked me up, I popped an Excedrin Migraine to curb my head ache, and decided to bring my glasses “just in case.” I was prepared, or so I thought.

When we finally arrived at the shower, I stopped short because of a sign at the door.

All I saw was “Alissa Joy” and I instantly grew defensive. Why would they name their baby my name – completely disregarding the “bridal” portion underneath.

Yup, it wasn’t until they yelled “Surprise!” into my face that I finally realized what was going on.

My lovely, wonderful, incredibly thoughtful and super loving mom banded together with a host of other incredible women (my future mother-in-law, my bridesmaids, family and friends) to plan the loveliest shower I have ever been to – and it was all for me.

I felt unworthy and super spoiled, loved beyond words and just so full of joy.

Here are some photos to highlight the evening I’m still reminiscing about. It just makes the idea of getting married feel one step closer!

And again, thank you to EVERYONE for all the planning, for coming, and for even thinking about me on this day. I feel so blessed!


First: All the Details (thank you to everyone for everything)


Second: All the Bridesmaids (minus 2)πŸ’›

Matron of Honor, B ❀
Literally cried: She flew-in all the way from Georgia!
Maid of Honor, Sarah ❀

Bridesmaid, Sam ❀

Bridesmaid, Katie ❀
Sarah, Sam, B, and Katie (missing Court & Janelle) – Love these girls ❀

Third: All the Fam & Friends πŸ’›

Beautiful Momma ❀
Handsome Daddy-pops ❀
Alexis (Zac’s sis) ❀
Love these goofs πŸ™‚
Huggy Hug
Clean-up crew: Auntie Shell
Regie – flew-in all the way from NY ❀
The size of my heart swells at this picture. So many lovely faces I get overwhelmed! I wish I had gotten all of you in here ❀

Fourth: Zac πŸ’›

Future Mr. & Mrs. ❀


Picture overload, I know, but it was a magical day and I love scrolling through these. (Also, there are SO many more pictures of family and friends not pictured here)

I hope these bring you as much joy as they do for me πŸ™‚


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