Poetry Posts: Week 5

Sometimes when you
Don’t have the words
To say just how
You are,
Mashed potatoes,
Turkey and gravy
Seem to say
It all.


The day after Thanksgiving
Has always been one of
My favorites.
Christmas music plays in
The background as smells
Of reawakened cinnamon
And pine emerge from
Lidded bins.
The tree goes up, and
The white lights set
Ablaze a warm fire
Of nostalgia in
The pit of my stomach.

You used to be here
And help with it all –
But now you’re not close by.
I miss dancing to the music
With you and pretending
We were good at it.
It’s always this time of year
When I feel the distance
The most.


I’ve never known
Another soul who
Matches me so
Two different
People from
Different places
And we ended
Up here.

Some are long,
Some are short,
Some are thicker,
Some are slimmer –
But mine, you see
Are neither –
They are simply
What you call
Chicken legs.


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