Spirit Week: Day 3

Today is “Dress your Best” day! Which means the majority of the school is all decked out from head to toe, especially the children.

This morning, some of my kids came into the class wearing sweater vests, suit coats, dresses, fur coats, etc… literally anything and everything.

And I wore these…

My feet feel like meat patties

Needless to say, I can’t wait to put sweatpants and slippers on.

The amazing thing about today was that it was the school’s Christmas Concert. Kids from all grades sang their hearts out as they rang silver bells and played instruments. I took a video of my kids, but for legal purposes, I will not be posting that on here. Just believe me when I say that it was literally the cutest thing!

Overall, today was a pretty good day. I received lots of chocolate and got three children’s books for only $10!

(Stay tuned for another blog post where I rave about my love of Jan Brett! – coming soon)

Similar to Monday, I’m now in class, but today’s is literacy instead of math. Today also marks the very last class of the first semester, which is pretty exciting! I think I’m just so grateful to be hitting all these milestones.

And now only 1.5 more days until break, not like I’m counting or anything.


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