Bookshelf Tour: Jan Brett

I’ve always loved children’s books, particularly the illustrations. Ever since working at a public library in the children’s room, I’ve stumbled upon many amazing books, but nothing quite compares to Brett’s work.

I guess you can say I’ve loved Jan Brett for a while now. However it wasn’t until April of 2016 when I got my first book by her.


Berlioz the Bear as seen above, was found without its dust jacket. I stumbled upon this book at a thrift shop and walked away without having to pay a cent. Probably the best deal I’ve ever made.

I remember being captivated as I flipped through the story, image after beautiful image dancing across its pages. From then on, I knew I had found my favorite children’s book author/illustrator.

Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella was the second Jan Brett book added to my collection. Similar to Berlioz, this book cost me nothing – seeing as it was generously and thoughtfully gifted to me by my dear friend. She knows how much I love chickens, so she just bought it for me! (Thank you Shanna!)

As of right now, this is my favorite book by Brett! What can I say? I love chickens 🙂

The Animals’ Santa, Home for Christmas, and The Hat were given to me today after I only had to pay $10.00 for all three! So basically, I got three books for the price of one. Not too shabby!

All these stories are adorable, and I love the wintry/Christmassy themes she so beautifully depicts in her drawings.


Overall, Brett’s books are delightful! I know I only have five, but it’s been fun to slowly grow my library, especially when it seems I have a unique story for how I got each book. I like it that way.

If you are unfamiliar with Brett’s work, I encourage you to pick one up at your local library, stop in a Barnes & Noble, or ask a friend if you can borrow one. You will not be disappointed. All her stories are packed with imagery, so much so that even her boarders are telling stories. No matter what Brett book you pick up, her iconic artwork on the sides of the pages will cause you to feel like you’re reading more than just what the words are telling you. She is an illustration genius.

I’ll rave about Brett’s work and her love of Scandinavian culture any day. She also loves Chickens, so perhaps that’s why I feel like she gets me. She’s quirky and has a capacity for creativity that makes me speechless. It’s safe to say that if I ever were to write a children’s book one day, she would be my “go-to” for inspiration.

I hope to attain more of her books in the future, but until then, I’ll just keep rereading the beauties I already own.


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