Spirit Week: Day 4

Today is Ugly Sweater day for the adults and Crazy Hat/Hair day for the students.

So far I’ve seen a plethora of cat and dog sweaters, Santa and reindeer dresses, Christmassy leggings, and elf slippers.

For the kids, one boy came in with tiny pig tails in his buzz cut, some kids shaved half their heads, some wore reindeer antlers, others dyed their hair, and some put funky pony tails all over their heads.

Today is going to be crazy indeed.

As usual, I wore my iconic kitty sweater, which I’ll probably wear on a regular basis once I hit 75.

I wear this at least once every year

Also, today I’ve received so many gifts from students. Their generosity is so sweet, and I need to remind myself to write Thank You cards. (I’ll say it here too – thank you! 💛)

One of my student’s had his mom make this hat for me 💛

Later in the day, we are going to make pizzas and have a Christmas party in the classroom. I got all my students gifts, so I hope they like them!

On a side note, today means there is only 100 days until Zac and I get married! Tomorrow, we hit double digits!! I honestly can’t wait.

In the meantime, only one more day left of school (and it’s a half day!!)

P.S. If you like all these school updates, leave a comment below! If not, just ignore them haha.


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