Poetry Posts: Week 7

Vacation is here
And I feel as though
I’m a bird
Taking its first


Death of An iPhone
I placed you on the windowsill
But not well enough, for you
Came teetering downwards
With a giant smack on the tiled
Floor. I picked you up hoping
For the best, my heart plummeting
Like your precarious fall off the ledge,
When I watched your light fade
Off the screen.

*sidenote: I got a new iPhone today for the cost of what it would have taken to repair my old one, so it was a pretty good deal. I’m just thankful to have a phone again 🙂


Gingerbread Trains
A group of friends
All gathered around
The table, making
Gingerbread trains
With smiles full of
Sugar and hearts full
Of laughter. ‘Tis the
Season of spending
Quality time and
Creating memories
With those who hold
Some of the biggest
Spaces in your heart.


I’m not perfect
And you’re not perfect
And that’s something
I’m learning to embrace
Rather than fear.
I’m thankful my mess
And your mess can
Be messy together and
That through it all,
Our love grows all
The stronger.

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