What We Say


Simple little phonemes that when put together have the power to either create or destroy.

Why is it that when we hide behind our computer screens, we think it’s okay to neglect integrity and to slander one another? Why do we jump on opportunities to heap blame, delight in passive aggressiveness , and praise immaturity?

I’m disappointed.

If we claim to be the body of Christ, this proclamation should extend to every sector of our lives, not just in face to face conversation.

What is placed online has the tendency to last longer than a passing comment made in person. You can’t take things back when they are posted for the entire world to see.

That being said, as we head into the new year, I know for myself, I want to be extremely careful with how I conduct myself via the inter webs. I know freedom of speech is a privilege, but a line has to be drawn when freedom of speech leads to public ridicule.

I’m tired of this. This shouldn’t even have to be an issue.

It all comes back to grace. Let’s be in the habit of extending grace.

Have a blessed new year!


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