A Bundle of Thanks

So much has happened these past couple of months, and I don’t quite know where to begin. All I know is that I’ll be a married woman in less than a week, and that thought boggles my mind.

Last Saturday some of my bridesmaids took me out for my bachelorette, and knowing me so well, they booked a private tour to pet and feed sloths.

Nero on left, Lunesta on right
Cutie Nero ❀

I was ecstatic! Here’s proof:

Eye contact at its finest
Feeding Lunesta some Sweet Potato
Just me and my girl Lunesta
Nero demonstrating the classic sloth lean as he awaits another bite of food
Just hanging around
She kept scratching herself

And here are some of the beauties that took meπŸ’›:

We are actually sitting on the couch in Zac & my home πŸ™‚
Thanks Katie for getting these shades!
Blinded by the sun because I never wear sunglasses.
Sloth Selfie
Bridesmaid Katie πŸ™‚
Bridesmaid Sam πŸ™‚
Matron of Honor Brianna, the mastermind behind this whole sloth thing!
They completely surprised me; I literally had no idea what to expect. It was perfect πŸ™‚


Now that the wedding is next Saturday, it’s hard to believe that only one more work week separates me from becoming a Mrs.

This engagement season has both dragged and flown by, and waiting here at the final stage of this waiting game, it feels like a sprint to the finish line. I honestly can’t believe it.

The more I think about it, the more I’m overwhelmed by the countless blessings in my life. I wanted to say thank you to…

My parents who have poured out so much into this process: financially, emotionally, spiritually, and literally anything else you can think of. My mom has been in the details and my number one throughout this entire process. She is a rockstar. Thank you and love you both more than you know!

My mother in law who has graciously taken it upon herself to orchestrate the rehearsal dinner. Your multiple facets of support have been huge! Thank you and love you!

My grandmother for getting the cake, my aunt for baking Italian pastries, and my other aunt for making Greek pastries – you are going to make the wedding day taste so sweet! Thank you πŸ’›

My dear Matron of Honor and her mom who have ceaselessly cared for and created numerous beautiful details for the wedding and bridal shower. I can’t thank you enough for your vision and endless support.

My bridesmaids who have stood by me, whether physically or emotionally, you guys are honestly the best and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be a part of this bridal crew. No matter the distance, I know you have my back and vice versa. You are all the rarest of gems.

Those who came to the bridal shower, and those who couldn’t make it; you all blessed Zac and I with your gifts and generosity. Thank you for helping to outfit our home πŸ™‚

All of you who have texted or called in encouraging words, advice, and sheer excitement, thank you. It’s a blessing to feel this known and loved.

Those in my grad program at SNHU who threw me a second surprise shower. You guys are unreal and complete tricksters. I’m glad to know we all have each others’s backs as we disperse to teach in different school districts, and thank you for walking alongside an education novice like myself. Love you all and I’m super blessed to have gotten to know you this year!

My future husband who has stuck by me through it all. Not only have you seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, but you have continued to choose me and love me no matter the circumstance. You are my most precious treasure.

My Jesus. Thank you for being in the details, for listening to every prayer and desire, for providing even in the impossible. You are the real MVP of this whole celebration, and may we not forget to bring you glory through it all. You are all things good, and I love you. Thank you!

For anyone I forgot to mention, please give me grace. It’s been a wild ride and sometimes I forget which days I’ve washed my hair or how long it’s been since I’ve clipped my toenails. Just know that I appreciate you & I’m overwhelmed with thanks πŸ™‚


And it’s only going to get more crazy from here! My brother, his wife, and their son are flying in from the Middle East today, and I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last saw them! Though it will be my first time meeting my nephew, and my heart is overflowing with joy at the prospect of picking him up and kissing his cheeks.

God is so good. I can’t say that enough.

If you’re reading this, I just ask that you can join me in prayer for safe flights for all those traveling, for everything to run smoothly in regards to the wedding, and for my future as I am going to an all day career fair at SNHU to potentially land a job two days before the wedding.

It’s all good, no matter what happens. If I trip down the aisle, if I don’t get a job, God is still good, and I’m just blessed to be here.

I think I’m learning to slow down and enjoy this whole process, a lot like sloths who never rush throughout their days. They take each day as it comes.

“He makes all things beautiful in His time”

Have a great day πŸ’›

I love my Moo πŸ’›

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